Post-Op Newsletter, Feb 2019

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The importance of compression and support zones in post-surgical bras


Targeted compression makes the difference

It’s a fact that targeted compression on wound/scar tissue and post-surgical swollen tissue will advance the post-surgical healing process, reduce the infection risk and help achieve nicer scarring.

Post-surgical bras from Tytex provide the necessary compression and support exactly where needed. This is achieved by so-called targeted compression zones knitted into the products.

The reason behind the compression zones in our post-op bras

The location of the compression zones in the Tytex post-op bras are based on medical indication. By securing targeted compression, our bras not only fixate and support the breasts after surgery, but also create optimal conditions for improved wound healing and pain relief, leading to increased comfort and faster recovery.

Furthermore, the compression zones on the sides and the back of the bra serve both as support and posture correction, which reduces post-surgical neck, shoulder and back pain without compromising mobility

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